Tribal Child Support Code
 Child Support Warrant List
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 Mission Statements
   Tribal Child Support:
     •  We pledge to make a difference in the lives of
         children by ensuring that parents provide support
         as required by law.
   Three Affiliated Tribes:
     •  The Three Affiliated Tribes will provide to the Tribe
         and people, maximum quality services, by being
         responsible, accountable, respectful, caring and
         will incorporate the traditional values of our elders
         and ancestors.
 Contact Info
  Tribal Child Support   Phone: 701-627-2860
  P.O. Box 998   FAX: 701-627-3963
  New Town, ND 58763    
 Application & Forms
  • Application for Child Support Services
  • Child Support Code
   Child Support Warrant List - 11/21/17