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 Emergency Contact List
 MHA Energy Division Complance
 • Kenny Lyson-Deputy Director: 421.2629
 • Paul Grady-Field Inspector: 421.0506
 • Daymyn Marsette-Field Inspector: 421.6455
 • Leland Beston-Field Inspector: 421.8762
 • Bradlyn Fettig-Field Inspector: 421.0175
 • Bennett Everett-Field Inspector: 897.6164
 • Diadijishwana Lockwood-Field Inspector: 421.2685
 • Tom Wells-Field Inspector: 421.6498
 • Blaine Dixon-Compliance Manager: 421.8379
Tribal Business Council Meeting - October 8, 2015 at 10:00am
 Oil & Gas Updates
  • For Public Comment - "The Second Amended Oil and Gas Pipeline Mid-Stream Structure Setback Act" click here.
  • Three Affiliated Tribes Flaring Task Force Recommendations Report
 •To report an oil spill or any wrongful acts in the Oil   and Gas Industry; please contact the MHA Energy   Division Compliance Department at 701.627.5154 or   consult the Emergency Contact List.
 •To REPORT a SPILL click here.