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White Shield Segment Office Telephone: 701-743-4244  
  TAT Administration Building Fax: 701-743-4191    
  New Town, ND      
  White Shield Local & Emergency Contact Information      
  Fred Fox    
  Tribal Council Representative   
     Fred Fox is Councilman and Representative from White Shield East Segment. As a councilman, he is Chairman of the
Judicial Committee/Human Resources and a member of tribes’ Natural Resources; Economic Development; and
Education Committees.
    In 2012, Fox was elected to his position as White Shield Representative with a majority vote, one of only a few Tribal
candidates won their election by a majority vote. In 2016, Fox was elected without opposition.
   Fred has worked with the tribe for 18 years. His work experience includes administrator of the Three Affiliated Tribes
Energy Department; administrator for National Resources and Director of Water Resources for the Tribe.
   Currently, he oversees programs in the White Shield Segments. 
   Fox serves his 3rd term of six years as White Shield School board president. He serves on the Board of Directors of
the Thunder Butte Refinery; MHA Systems; Justice Commission and White Shield School Board of Directors. He is a
member of the Young Hawk/Bear Legion Post 253 and is Whistle Carrier.  Fox is a member/Whip Carrier of Dead
Grass and Old Scouts Society.
    Fox is a veteran and served in the United States Navy and was stationed on the USS Nimitz & USS Clifton Sprague
for four years. 
   He has an Associate in Science and Liberal Arts, Ft. Berthold Community College, 1999; Bachelor’s Degree, Minot
State University, 2003; and Master’s Degree in Management, University of Mary, 2006.
Administration, Staff & Departments Title Email  
    • Fred Fox Tribal Councilman  
    • Pat Wilkinson Reservation Programs    
    • Jonelle M. Abe Executive Assistant    
    • Greta Hosie Administrative Assistant    
    • Dorreen Yellow Bird Public Relations/Elder Liaison    
  White Shield Segment Complex Staff  
    • David Blacksmith White Shield Segment Manager    
    • Gary Dickens White Shield Segment Assistant Manager    
    • Everett Hosie Complex Assistant    
    • Linda Gonzalez East Segment Housing Officer    
    • Larry Trujillo Project Manager    
    • Good Earth Woman Perkins Administrative Assistant    
    • Daniel Esquibel Maintenance    
  White Shield Police Department  
    • Duane Bowen Police Officer    
  White Shield Security  
    • Dewey Cisneros Security Supervisor    
    • Rebecca Bird Security    
    • Darcy Krueger Security    
  Nishu Lodge  
    • Jackie Conner Head Cook    
    • Lujuanna LaCroix Assistant Cook    
    • Isaiah Everett Maintenance    
    • Dorreen Yellow Bird East Segment Elder Liaison    
    • Helen Krueger Home Health Coordinator    
  White Shield Clinic  
    • Bernadette White Bear-Hall Clerk    
    • Brenda Allard Tele-Pharmacy    
  White Shield CHR  
    • Open      
  White Shield Segment Fire Management  
    • Dwight Holwing Wolf Fire Fighter    
    • Matt Esquibel Seasonal    
  White Shield Segment Boys & Girls Club  
    • White Elk Woman Dickens Coordinator    
    • Brooke Meyers Assistant Coordinator    
  Fort Berthold Housing Authority  
    • Kim Dickens FBHA Housing Representative    
    • Clemens Perkins FBHA Counselor    
    • George Good Left Maintenance    
  MR&I Department - Water Plant  
    • Dana Howard Water Technician    
    • Edmund White Bear, Jr. Water Technician    
    • James Everett Water Technician    
  MHA Game & Fish  
    • Charles Wilkinson Game Warden    
    • Blaine Dixon Game Warden    
    • Lucky Everett Compliance Officer    
  Child Program  
    • Ardene Perkins Education Tech    
  Fort Berthold Community College  
    • Leonard Hosie Liaison    
  White Shields Roads Staff  
    • Bruce Behles Roads Foreman    
    • Timothy White Bear Roads Maintenance    
    • Mike McKinney Roads Maintenance    
    • Rick Hall Roads Maintenance    
  White Shield "Little Warriors" Headstart Staff  
    • Neva Meyers Teacher I    
    • Ardith Esquibel Teacher II    
  Arikara Cultural Center  
    • Wanbdi Waci Perkins Manager    
    • WhirlWind Bull Perkins Assistant Manager    
    • Dorreen Yellow Bird Public Relations    
    • Brad Kroppa Historian    
  Nishu General Store  
    • Rod Yellow Bird Manager    
    • Jason Meyers Assistant Manager    
  White Shield Elder's Organization  
    • Jerry White President    
    • Duane Fox Vice President    
    • Kaye Bell Secretary    
    • Denby Deegan Treasurer    
    • Dorreen Yellow Bird Member    
  White Shield Spirit Riders  
    • Howard Wilkinson President    
    • Duane Fox Vice President    
    • Neva Meyers Secretary/Treasurer    
  Arikara Development Board  
    • Fred Fox President    
    • Gary Dickens Vice President    
    • Martina Turner Secretary/Treasurer    
    • Denby Degan Member    
    • Wanbdi Waci Perkins Member    
  White Shield Community Board  
    • Open President    
    • Open Vice President    
    • Kim Dickens Secretary    
    • Diana HW Poitra Treasurer    
    • Pamela Esquibel Member-At-Large    
    • Delilah Yellow Bird Member-At-Large    
  White Shield School Board  
    • Fred Fox President    
    • Ardene Perkins Member-At-Large    
    • Dancing Eagle Perkins Member-At-Large    
    • Alice McKinney Member-At-Large    
    • Danile Henry Member-At-Large    
  White Shield Local & Emergency Disaster Resource Guide (Updated July 22, 2013)    
    • Off the Rez Student Insurance Form    
    • Insurance Enrollment Forms for Four Bears Registered Voters    
    • Colorado Application    
    • Minnesota Application    
    • Montana Application    
    • Oklahoma Application    
    • South Dakota Application    
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    Eloise Cobell Settlement Payouts      
    2015 White Shield Arikara Celebration July 9-12, 2015    
    • Tentative Schedule of Events for White Shield Segment (Updated February 09, 2015)    
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