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  Twin Buttes Segment      
  The South Segment administration will strive to serve members of the South Segment living both on and off the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, to further their living standard, promote self-sufficiency, sustainable energy, and food sustainability within the tradition of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation.  
  Twin Buttes Segment Office New Town Office Bismarck Satellite Office  
  708 79 E. Ave. NW Twin Buttes Segment 107 West Main Street  
  Halliday, ND 58636 404 Frontage Road Bismarck, ND 58501  
  Phone: 701-938-4403 New Town, ND 58763 Phone: 701-751-2928  
  Fax: 701-938-4340 Phone: 701-627-4781 Fax: 701-751-2933  
    Fax: 701-627-3472    
  Cory Spotted Bear    
     Tribal Council Representative  
     We are currently working on updating this information. Check back soon for updates  
  Administration, Staff & Departments Title Email/Phone Number  
  Twin Buttes Office      
     •Cory Spotted Bear Tribal Councilman  
     • Alisha Brim Administrative Assistant 701-421-1039,  
     • Melissa Starr Administrative Assistant 701-421-8872,  
     • Gwen Hostler Office Manager 701-301-0789,  
     • Blanche Hunts Along Events Coordinator 701-421-0351,  
     • Ernest Stone Water Distribution 701-891-1273  
     • Anita Gegelman Health Benefits Coordinator 701-421-3550,  
     • Tiffany Rave Receptionist  
     • Margeret Pfiefer Elder Representative I    
     • Raven Heart Elder Representative II    
     • Sannie Hostler Maintenance    
  New Town Office      
     • Tracy Burr Chief of Staff, 701-421-9796  
     • Julie Beston-Sage Assistant Business Manager, 701-421-4334  
     • Crystal Bowen Receptionist/Administrative Assistant 701-421-3075  
     • Ryan Wagner Office Clerk 701-421-9904  
  Memorial Hall Office      
     • Morley Spotted Bear Fitness, Parks & Recreation Director, 701-220-1182  
     • Geneva Starr Fitness, Parks & Recreation Staff 701-260-3445  
     • Melvin Beaks Fitness, Parks & Recreation Staff 701-938-3542  
     • Sommer Cummings Fitness, Parks & Recreation Staff    
  Bismarck Satellite Office      
     • Marie Baker Outreach Coordinator, 701-751-2928  
  Nueta Language Initiative      
     Marty Young Bear      
     Indrek Park, 812-929-7178      
  Twin Buttes Elementary School      
     Phone: 701-938-4396      
     Fax: 701-938-4397      
  FBCC Mentor Site      
     Sierra Spotted Bear, 701-421-1342      
  Boys and Girls Club      
     Phone: 701-938-3293      
  Twin Buttes Elder's Organization      
     Phone: 701-938-3525      
  Horse Nation Program      
     Jessica White Plume, 701-421-1890      
  Community Board      
     • Terry Fredericks President    
     • Richard Gillette Vice-President    
     • Eldora Mossette Secretary    
     • Blanche Hunts Along Treasurer    
     • Jodi Fox-Altringer Member-At-Large    
  School Board      
     • Jessica Howling Wolf President    
     • Leon Little Owl Vice President    
     • Merlin Sorenson Member    
     • Jeb Fredericks Member    
     • Gwen Hostler Member    
     • Sandy Starr Superintendent/Principal    
     • Shannon Wolf Facilities Manager    
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     • 61st Annual Twin Buttes Celebration June 19-20, 2015    
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