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Four Bears Segment Office Johnny Bird Veterans Memorial Bldg./Four Bears Comm. Bldg.
  404 Frontage Road Telephone: 701-627-3155, 701-627-3168  
  New Town, ND 58763 Fax: 701-627-3166    
  Telephone: 701-627-4781 Check out our MHA Nation Four Bears Segment Facebook Page  
  Fax: 701-627-4884    
 Four Bears Segment Representaive    
  Frank Grady    
    Councilman Frank Grady is an enrolled member of the MHA Nation on the Fort Berthold  
    Reservation in North Dakota. He is Mandan and Hidatsa Prairie Chicken Clan and child of knife  
    clan. His Indian name is “Diisha Giidabish” which translates to “Far away Buffalo”. Frank has  
    spent most of his life living on Fort Berthold, working in many different positions. Some of his  
    former positions include The Four Bears Community Board Chairman and Four Bears  
    Community Building Manager. Frank has always done his best to help assist the elders and  
    other members of the Four Bears Community. In 2014 Frank won the 2014 Election and became  
    the Current Four Bears Segment Representative of the MHA Nation. He strives to do what is best  
    for his segment by giving the people their voices back. Frank also sings with the little shell drum  
    group and has traveled all across the country to sing at various powwows and events. He has  
    also been a part of Four Bears Powwow and Little Shell Powwow Committees numerous times.  
 Four Bears Segment Office Staff Directory  
  404 Frontage Road New Town, ND 58763  
  Phone: 701-627-8109  |  Fax: 701-627-4884  |  email:  
    Frank Grady   Ramona Pond    
    Four Bears Segment Representative   Chief of Staff    
    Office: 701-627-8229   Office: 701-627-8229    
    Cell: 701-421-2258   Cell: 701-421-5925    
    Joni Bolman   Carmen Halvorson   Derek Howell  
    Special Projects   Executive Administrative Assistant   IT/Public Relations/Graphic Design/Mortgage Officer  
    Office: 701-627-8204   Office: 701-627-8109   Office: 701-627-8292  
    Cell: 701-421-1564   Cell: 701-421-9903   Cell: 701-421-3167  
    Claudia Rogel   Cash Johnson    
    Administrative Assistant   Special Projects    
    Office: 701-627-8109   Office: 701-627-8109    
    Cell: 701-421-9905   Cell: 701-421-5329    
 Johnny BIrd Veteran's Memorial Building/Four Bears Community Center  
  2000 Chief Four Bears Ave. New Town, ND 58763  
  Phone: 701-627-3155  |  Fax: 701-627-3168    
    Marliss Mandan   Debbie Chase   Kim Bird  
    Administrative Assistant   Elders Outreach   Elders Cook  
    Office: 701-627-3168   Office: 701-627-3168   Office: 701-627-3168  
    Cell: 701-421-6095   Cell: 701-421-1604   Cell: 701-421-1159  
    Eleanor White Body   Gary Fredericks    
    Elders Cook   Maintenance    
    Office: 701-627-3168   Office: 701-627-3155    
    Cell: 701-421-7039   Cell: 701-421-2697    
 Four Bears Segment Security      
    Phone: 701-428-BEAR (2328)  
    Elias De La Cerda   Johnny Bird   Darien St. Pierre  
    Security   Security   Security  
    701-421-2371   701-421-1052   701-421-5472  
    Cliff Switzer   Chris Ibarra    
    Security   Security    
    701-421-8944   701-421-4000    
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