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  This Resource Guide is written for the purpose of providing basic information about the histories and cultures of the Three Affiliated Tribes - the Mandan,  
  Hidatsa, and Sahnish. THe tribes believe their presence in North America is from the beginning of time. The Mandan call themselves "the People of the first  
  Man." The Hidatsa were known as Minnetaree, or Gros Ventre. Hidatsa was formerly the name of a vaillage occupied by these tribes, which has been said  
  to mean "willows." The name Minnetaree, spelled in various ways, means "to cross the water." Oral historians say the names "Arikara, Arickara, Ricarees,  
  and Rees" were given to them by the Pawnee and other informants to describe the way they wore their hair. It is important to be mindful that the people call  
  themselves Sahnish, which means, "the original people from whom all other tribes sprang." Although sharing cultures and histories for so long, the people  
  keep a distinct sense of tribal relationships.  
  History of the Manda, Hidatsa and Arikara and More    
  Historical Overview Epidemics    
  The Mandan Tribe Fort Berthold Indian Reservation    
  The Hidatsa Tribe Fur Trade    
  The Arikara Tribe (Sahnish) Garrison Dam    
  Three Affiliated Tribes History Garrison Diversion Unit Commission    
  The 1900s Joint Tribal Advisory Committee (JTAC)    
  Allotment Laws and Treaties Atkinson & O'Fallon Trade and Intercource Treaty of 1825  
  Change Relocation from the Badlands    
  Early Conflicts War of 1823 Present Day    
  Early Education and Civilization Executive Order of 1880    
  Economic and Social Change Missionaries    
  Elbowoods Battle of Little Big Horn    
Three Affiliated Tribes
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