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  MHA CHR Program      
  Currently our program has an employed staff of 17 which includes three office staff and nine Community Health Representative employees. Each segment has at least one CHR employee in their community with the exceptions of Parshall and Mandaree who have two and New Town having three. We have one CHR employee who serves as needed. In all areas with our clientele lists steadily increasing, these individuals are utilized in any event that we are over scheduled and in emergencies.  
  At the CHR offices, our priority is the health and well being o f our enrolled members. We understand that at times personal transportation to and from appointments can be a serious issue. We try to provide service to as many people as we can while staying within the Indian Health Service and MHA Nation's transportation policy which states that the CHR program is allowed to transport clients/patients only when all of the client's/patient's transportation options have been exhausted.  
  Our CHR personnel can only complete an emergency transport as a temporary solution while the necessary permanent arrangements are being made by the people in need. We apologize for any inconvenience and we sincerely appreciate your cooperation as we will continuously strive to be of the best possible sercie to your community. For more information plealse feel free to contact our office at 701-627-4340.  
  CHR Goals and Objectives      
  Our entire staff here at the CHR office strive to provide the best possible services while staying within the guidelines as set forth by the Indian Health Service  
  and Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation’s Tribal Business Council. It is our goal to serve the entire Ft. Berthold Indian Reservation with compassion and  
  care. In serving our people it is of utmost importance that we stay within the grant parameters as established by the IHS. Our funding relies heavily on our  
  ability to maintain our grant requirements. Our grant and the MHA Nation’s Tribal Business Council’s transportation guidelines in reference to our clients  
  clearly states that we may only transport our clients after all other transportation resources have been exhausted. Our primary objectives are home visits  
  to those in need of these services, our elders, and to serve our communities and their school systems with prevention, awareness, and intervention  
  information by means of offering our services on a consistent basis at all gatherings and activities as well as our continued service to our current clientele.  
  We will do our very best to serve you, should you need further information please feel free to contact our office at 701-627-4340 at your convenience  
  Contact Information        
  9281 Hwy 23   Phone: 701-627-4340      
  New Town, ND 58763   Fax: 701-627-4304      
  Full-Time CHR Employees  
  Jodi Simpson   Esther Baca      
  CHR Director   Admin Assistant/Data Entry Clerk      
  701-421-1606   701-421-7274      
  Mandaree Segment     New Town Segment     Parshall Segment  
  Jessica Spotted Horse     OPEN     OPEN  
  OPEN     OPEN     Kristin Chase  
              Van/Car: G10-2548L  
  Twin Buttes Segment     Four Bears Segment     White Shield Segment  
  Darcy Medicine Stone              
  Van/Car: G41-3578g              
  *Though the CHR Employees are classified as full-time (8:00am to 5:00pm) we all have cell phones which render our services as "On-call status" 24 hours a day,  
  7 days per week, and 365 days per year in each of our respective communities. We do not pay overtime nor do we honor a flex time schedule as  
  we utilize comp. time to our fullest ability.  
  Revised: April 22, 2011  
  Staff Photos        
  Jodi Simpson, CHR Director Esther Baca, Admin. Assistant/Office Manager Darcy Medicine Stone, Twin Buttes Segment  
  Jessica Spotted Horse, Mandaree CHR Kristin Chase, Parshall CHR    
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