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  MHA Small Loans Department      
   The Small Loans Program is a non-profit program owned and operated by the Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort Berthold. It is a revolving loan fund in that all  
   profits made from operation are returned to applicable loan fund. The goal of the Small Loans Program is to provide a source of credit financing for qualified    
   members of the Three Affiliated Tribes to promote the general welfare of the members and the Tribe by providing loans that are made for constructive  
  General Information        
    Office Hours:     Sue Romero, Loan Officer        
    Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm    
    Small Loans Program Mary Ellen Sun, Loan Officer    
    404 Frontage Road    
    New Town, ND 58763      
    Telephone: 701-627-8100      
    Fax: 701-627-3604      
  Loan Eligibility      
   Who is eligible?  
     •Enrolled members who are not delinquent with the Small Loans Program  
     • Non-enrolled members who work for the Tribe, that are permanent employees, and have an eligible enrolled member as a co-signer,  
     • Loans must be paid in full before another is issued. Exceptions are given for funeral loans..  
     • Must be 18 years old.  
   Loans May Include:  
     • Personal Loans  
     • Funeral Loans  
     • Medical Loans  
     • Educational Loans  
   Personal Loans  
     • Personal loans will be approved if applicants do not have any outstanding balances. Maximum amount is $3,500.00.  
          Any amount exceeding $3500.00 must have to have council approval    
  General Loan Policies      
   • As a general rule, the policies as outlined are adhered to.  
   • All reasonable requests for credit are approached positively and uniformly for each Tribal member applicant, without prejudice of bias. All policies were  
    approved by the Tribal Business Council.  
   • Maximum loan amount is $3,500.00. All loans over $1,000.00 will need collateral.  
   • Wage assignments or IIM Acounts (also including land) are not considered collateral as security for the loans. Employment stability is considered when  
    approving loans. Applicants who have had a steady employment history will be considered; however, favorable consideration will be given to applicants  
    who have had job changes in the previous two years which demonstrated advancement.  
   Payment Policy  
     • Total Amount of Financing • Payment    
                   $50.00 - $499.99   $  50.00 bi-weekly    
                 $500.00 - $999.99   $  75.00 bi-weekly    
            $1000.00 - $1,499.99   $100.00 bi-weekly    
           $1,500.00 - $1,999.99   $125.00 bi-weekly    
           $2,000.00 - $2,499.99   $150.00 bi-weekly    
           $2,500.00 - $3,500.00   $250.00 bi-weekly    
   Co-Signer's Responsibility  
     If an individual co-signs a loan and the applicant defaults on their loan you will be responsible for repayment. Notice is given at the time of signing and it is  
        the co-signers responsibility to make sure that the applicant is paying the loan back.  
   Funeral Loans  
     Previous Loans may be waived for funerals, please call the loan office for more details.  
  Small Loans Application      
     â€¢Small Loans Application  
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