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Fort Berthold District Court Filing Fees
All Fees and Costs are Non-Refundable
  All regular Civil Cases; Unless Exempt Shown (this includes: Contract, Writs or Petitions, Quit Title and Appeals from Administrative Agencies) $80.00  
  All Responses; Answers, Motions and Pleading Filed $15.00  
  Appeals $80.00  
  Attorney License $400.00  
  Certified Copy of Document (page amount may increase fee) $15.00  
  Civil Commitment $25.00  
  Copying of Documents or Pleading ($0.15 per page) $00.15  
  Document Search Fee ($15.00 per file; allow 3 working days) $15.00  
  FAX Outgoing ($3.00 first page, $1.50 each page thereafter) $3.00  
  Filling and Registration of Foreign Judgements (additional fees may apply) $80.00  
  Marriage Application and License (both parties need to be present with valid ID's) $80.00  
  Request for Hearing, Order to Show Cause (OTSC) $20.00  
  Requests for Modification for Existing Child Custody or Support $20.00  
  Restraining Orders $80.00  
  Small Claims (Note: Must arrange own service complaint) $80.00  
  Temporary Driver's Permit (one in your lifetime) $300.00  
  Transcripts/Cassette Tape/CD of Cases: $150.00  
Fee schedule updated on 08/02/2017