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    Q: How can I get my bond refund after I have attended my hearing?
    A. The process for a bond return is:
         • The case has to be settled and proof must be provided to FBDC.
        • The defendant must have a $0.00 balance with FBDC
        • There is a bond return form that FBDC provides for the defendant to fill out, it is
            available with the receptionist after, the form is filled out and verified the Business
            Manager will call you when the check is ready to be picked up.
    Q: I received an Order to Show Cause in the mail what does that mean?
    A. An Order to Show Cause is a court date set for the individual who was reporting
         regularly, but has since stopped. The hearing allows for the individual to explain
         why they were unable to report to the Probation Department.
     Q: How do I get in contact with my probation officer?
     A. Adult Probation Department can be contacted by calling the Fort Berthold District Court
          at 701-627-4803.
    Q: What if I come to my appointment and my probation officer isn’t there?
    A. Adult Probation Department requires every individual whose reporting to probation
         to sign in that way there is documentation of individual reporting in. 
    Q: How long will my child be in detainment?
    A. The Juvenile code states that the court has 72 hours to have a hearing that does
         excuse weekends and holidays. 
    Q: What is the purpose of Adult Probation?
    A. We do our absolute best to keep you from reoffending and give you tools to succeed.
    Q: What happen if I’m unable to pay my fines and fee’s in full before the end of my
         probation period?
    A. If there has been a continuous history of payment between the individual and the
         Fort Berthold District court they’ll receive a letter from the probation department they
         can be submitted to the FBDC when they fill out a payment plan extension.
    Q: What If as the bondsmen I don’t want my money to apply to the defendant’s fines
            or fees?
    A. If you look at line four of the bond terms and conditions it states: I the person posting
         the bond understand that the bond can be applied to any fine imposed after a plea
         agreement or trial. The bond money can also be applied to any fine imposed after a
         plea agreement or trial. The bond money can also be applied to any old fines the
         defendant owes, regardless of who posted the bond.
    Q: Once my child has been detained, how often will I be able to see him?
    A. There is a program that Gerald “Tex” Fox Justice Center follows. You will have to
         coordinate with them. They have different levels depending on how long the child has
         been in detainment they also offer packets to help you understand all the levels. 
    Q: What happens if I fail to give contact information?
    A. Failing to give the correct contact information could result in a warrant for your arrest if
         we cannot contact you within the time you are supposed to report to Adult Probation.
    Q: What if I quit reporting in to Adult Probation?
    A. The Adult Probation Officer will give you a scheduled day and time to come in, you
         failing to report can result in a warrant for your arrest.
    Q. If I have a job will the probation officer work around my schedule?
    A. It is your responsibility to report to us but, they will try to schedule you early in the
         morning when they open at 8:00 AM..
    Q: Do I have to do my full time on probation?
    A. Yes. 
    Q: How soon should I report to the probation department after I’m released from the
          justice center?
    A. Individuals should report to the probation department within 24 hours of being
         released. Unless it’s a Friday afternoon then you are expected Monday.