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Fort Berthold District Court Civil Court Office
The Civil office includes the all Deputy Clerks and the Chief Clerk of Court. The Chief
Clerk is responsible for performing and assisting other Deputy Clerks in duties
associated withcase management activities of criminal, civil, traffic, appeals, or other cases before district and juvenile court from initial filing to disposition. The Deputy
Clerks prepare, organize and control case file from opening to closure; attend court
hearings, and process court orders. They also maintain records, logs and files; and
receive and record all fees, fines, bonds, restitution or other receipts submitted.
Chief Clerk of Court: Charlene Knight
Deputy Clerk: Cynthia Alcocer
Deputy Clerk: Katrina Aulaumea
Deputy Clerk: Thomass Fredricks
Deputy Clerk: Amanda Grey Owl
Deputy Clerk: Xavier Tortalita