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Fort Berthold District Court Administration
The administrative office assists in the management of the judicial administration.
This office provides oversight in planning and direction of the court. The responsibilities
of this Office include analyzing, planning and organizing special projects, and provides
leadership in complex administrative and operational areas. The duties include
completing accounts payable and receivable, bonds/fines and fees, attorney
applications and current listing, processing background checks, vehicle maintenance,
all personnel administration, travel, and conducting and filing mandatory reports.
Within this office is the Electronic Court Recorder who is responsible for making a
verbatim record of district and juvenile court trials, proceedings and other matters
using audio recording equipment, writing court logs, noting appearance and essential
events during these proceedings and providing transcripts as required. She also clerks
for the Supreme Court of the Fort Berthold District Court.
Court Administrator: Marvel Heart
Accounts Manager: Toni Vandall
Administrative Assistant: Vacant
Receptionist: Allison Thomasson
Business Manager: Elizabeth YellowBird
Court Recorder: Carolyn Spotted Horse