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MHA Nation Managemenet Information Systems (M.I.S.) Department  
The M.I.S. Department supports the mission of the MHA Nation (also known as the Three Affiliated Tribes) by providing
computing solutions for the Three Affiliated Tribes and its employees. The M.I.S. Department provides technical support for
over 900+ users on the TAT Tribal Network System. The demand for M.I.S. Department's Technical services are high. We
operate on a first come first serve basis or if there is a crisis situation that needs to be attended to. The M.I.S. Department
does their best to provide support if resources allow.

When the M.I.S. Department is contacted for a work order request, Tribal employees are asked to fill out and submit a Work
Order Request Form either through email or fax. Employees must fill out their name, date, the department they work in, and
a detailed description of the request or issue. Work Orders are logged daily and entered into the work order data base.
There is an estimate of (5) work orders a day per Computer Technician. The majority of the work order requests consist of
network support, desktop computer support, and internet and email problems. The M.I.S. Department also maintains the
telephone line system in the MHA Nation Tribal administrative offices. This consists of switching and transferring phones line
extensions. Another responsibility of the M.I.S. Department is syncing Tribal email on employee's Tribal cell phones. Lastly,
the M.I.S. Department maintains the Tribe’s Webpage: .
Contact Information      
     M.I.S. Department Office Location:    
     404 Frontage Road Tribal Administration Building    
     New Town, ND 58763 404 Frontage Road    
     Phone: 701-627-8236 New Town, ND 58763    
     Fax: 701-627-3614      
    TERO/Energy Complex    
     Office Hours: 404 Frontage Road    
     Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:30pm CST New Town, ND 58763    
     Wayne Simpson    Billie Walks    Bonnie Baker  
     Administrator    Administrative Assistant    Office Manager  
          701-627-8236    701-627-8132  
     Fawn Fettig   Percy Chase    Zack Benton  
     Website Designer    MIS Network Technician    MIS Systems Service Manager  
     701-627-8137    701-627-6142    701-627-8005  
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  MIS Department Policy and Procedures    
  MIS Work Order Policy  
Three Affiliated Tribes
404 Frontage Road
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