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Here you will find an archive of News stories for the year 2012.  
December 2012
  December 28, 2012 Chairman Tex "Red Tipped Arrow" Hall 2012 Annual Report
  December 27, 2012 Ahguu Waa-Guxdish Senator Daniel Inouye (One Who Leads) Passes On
  December 18, 2012 Interior Launches Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations to Manage $1.9 Billion Trust Land Consolidation Fund
  December 15, 2012 Well Blowout Under Control
  December 13, 2012 Notice to All Persons Subject to Tribal Child Support Warrants
  December 13, 2012 2013 Tribally Recognized Holidays
  December 13, 2012 Van Hook Blowout Well Site Spews Oil, Gas, Water
  December 06, 2012 Secretary Salazar Outlines Progress of Empowerment Agenda at Fourth White House Tribal Nations Conference
  December 06, 2012 Energy Policy: Tribes push Obama, Cabinet leaders on development
  December 05, 2012 Twin Buttes Family Named Semi-Finalist in Boys & Girls Club of America's Fit Family Challenge
  December 05, 2012 White House Blog: President Obama to Host the 2012 White House Tribal Nations Conference
  December 2012 North Segment December 2012 Newsletter
  December 2012 NahtAsuutaaka' (White Shield) December 2012 Newsletter
  December 2012 Elbowoods Memorial Health Center December 2012 Newsletter
November 2012
  November 21, 2012 Tribal Business Council Selects Utah Company for First Phase of Refinery Building
  November 19, 2012 Lead Woman "Mia a du Gosh" - Senator Elect Heidi Heitkamp Receives Indian Name in Surprise Ceremony
  November 17, 2012 Senator Elect Heidi Heitkamp Pays Thank You Visit to Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation
  November 08, 2012 Three New Tribal Council Reps Sworn In
  November 08, 2012 Indians Pull Appeal to Cobell Settlement; Government Says Payments By Year's End
  November 07, 2012 TAT November 6, 2012 General Election Results
  November 03, 2012 Heidi Heitkamp: Taking the Senate Race to Native North Dakota
  November 2012 Elbowoods Memorial Health Center November 2012 Newsletter
October 2012
  October 14, 2012 Energy Company, Tribal Task Force Partner on Dust Control
  October 13, 2012 Highway 23 Concrete Overlay
  October 11, 2012 Moving Forward, Interior Secretary: Refinery Land Trasferred to Trust
  October 10, 2012 Interior Approves Fort Berthold Land Trust Application for New Refinery in North Dakota
September 2012
  September 28, 2012 Fred Fox sworn in as Tribal Council Representative for White Shield District
  September 28, 2012 Twin Buttes Demonstration School Ahead of Schedule
  September 24, 2012 TAT Primary Election Results
  September 17, 2012 NAFOA Announces Financial Leadership Award Winners
  September 14, 2012 Draft Code for Comments
  September 14, 2012 4 Bears Casino and Lodge Sets October 10th as Grand Opening Date of Hotel Expansion
  September 11, 2012 MHA Nation Draft Probate (Inheritance) Code to Hold Public Comment Period
  September 03, 2012 Sakakawea Swim for REDSAGE
August 2012
  August 24, 2012 Employees Brave 100 Plus Degree Temps to Enjoy Appreciation Day Earlier This Month
  August 24, 2012 Oil in Fort Berthold: Nearly 500 wells producing today in Mandaree area hotspot
  August 15, 2012 Change of Ownership Three Affiliated Tribes Buy Geving Ranch Near Parshall
  August 04, 2012 Tribal Chairman Says Federal Actions Intruding on Tribal Governments
  August 02, 2012 Tribes Applying for Economic Development Bond for Refinery
  August 01, 2012 Three Affiliated Tribes Making Plans for First Riverboat Gambling in N.D.
July 2012
  July 25, 2012 Indian Lands Not Public Lands
  July 19, 2012 Gaming Compact to Allow Riverboat Gambling
  July 19, 2012 OVERSIGHT HEARING on Impacts of Environmental Changes on Treaty Rights, Traditional Lifestyles and Tribal Homelands
  July 17, 2012 Consultation Meeting with BIA and BLM Held at Four Bears on Proposed New Rule on Hydraulic Fracturing
  July 10, 2012 Chairman Hall's Statement on Passage of the Affordable Care Act - Indian Health Care Improvement Act
June 2012
  June 30, 2012 EPA Approves Final Permit for Tribal Refinery
  June 29, 2012 Lodge Camping: Earth Lodge VIllage Developing More Activities for Visitors, Tourists
  June 28, 2012 High Court Upholds Obama Health Law
  June 26, 2012 Hydraulic Fracturing: Tribes Push for More Consultation on BLM Rule
  June 26, 2012 New Riverview Subdivision to House Displaced Residents of Prairie Winds
  June 22, 2012 USS Arikara Meeting: Tribe Connects to Vietnam Sailors Who Served on Ship Named After Them
  June 22, 2012 Housing on Fort Berthold Moving Forward
  June 21, 2012 Sitting Eagles Unity Ride
  June 21, 2012 BLM Catches Up On Drilling Applications
  June 19, 2012 Group to Study Tribal, State Issues
  June 18, 2012 U.S. Lab Suggests Shale Fractures Unlikely to Threaten Water Supply
  June 18, 2012 Remembering Our Fallen Touring Photo Display, Three Tribes Museum
  June 14, 2012 Tribal Constitutional Revision
May 2012
  May 17, 2012 Tribes Recognize Oil Companies for Environmental Practices, Safety
  May 15, 2012 Hydraulic Fracturing: Tribes Roundly Reject Proposed Federal Fracking Rules
  May 14, 2012 Oil Boom Impacting Health Center Housing
  May 11, 2012 Behind on the bypass: New Town construction delayed, project to be done to relieve Main Street
  May 03, 2012 More than $3 Million in Outstanding or Past Due Oil & Gas Fees Recovered by Tribal Tax Department Since January 2012
  May 01, 2012 Title 15 Environmental Code, Chapter 15.1: Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and Remediation Code
April 2012
  April 23, 2012 Hall Challenges Bureau: Tribal Chairman Questiosn BLM Authority to Regulate Fracking on Reservations
  April 19, 2012 Indian Tribal Leaders Raise Concerns about Lack of BLM Consultation with Tribes During Hydraulic Fracturing Rulemaking
  April 19, 2012 Indian Affairs Committee Holds Legislative Hearing on Bipartisan Energy Development Bill
  April 18, 2012 Chairman Hall will Testify Thursday before House and Senate Committes on Indian Affairs
  April 13, 2012 Ground Broken for $11.7 Million Expansion to 4 Bears Casino & Lodge
  April 4, 2012 Government to ask Obama for Housing Help
  April 4, 2012 Interior Secretary to Speed Up Drilling Permits, Leases on Federal Lands
March 2012
  March 30, 2012 Tex Hall: Proposed Fracking Regs Will Hurt Energy Development on Reservations
  March 20, 2012 MHA Nation DOT Highway Patrol Unit Initiated by Chairman Tex Hall for Protection of Tribal Members Becomes Active in April
  March 1, 2012 MHA Nation's Tribal Busineses Council Upgrades Communications System in Council Chambers
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